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The Painted Desert, Texas Dall, Black Hawaiian, American Blackbelly, Desert Sand, and Corsican Sheep are actually the result of initial crosses
decades ago between the shedding, European Mouflon Sheep (native to Corsica and Sardinia) with a wide range of more well known "wool"
breeds of sheep including: Horned Rambouillet, Churro, Merino, and Jacob.

European Mouflons eventually made their way into several zoos in the United States. After several years, the zoos released some of the
Mouflons to large ranches with a concentrated release in Texas. Here in the United States,after 1946, the European Mouflon Sheep crossed
with the more well known wool sheep breeds and the wonderful breeds called Painted Desert, Texas Dall, Black Hawaiian, Desert Sand, and
Corsican were born.

At times, some of these crosses also included a hair or shedding sheep called the Barbados Blackbelly which were imported from the
Caribbean island of Barbados, West Indies with bloodlines originally coming from Africa.  The American Blackbelly Sheep derive from such

One of the very first crosses happened in the mid 1900’s at the YO Ranch in Texas between European Mouflon Ewes and Rambouillet rams
resulting in beautiful snowy white, shedding sheep now known as the Texas Dall.  The two lambs which were produced by the Rambouillet X
Mouflon cross were found by Bob Snow of the Y.O. Ranch and were the first Texas Dalls (Mungall, 2007).

While some research notes the possibility that feral European Mouflon sheep in Hawaii were crossed with sheep on the Islands and all black
offspring were imported to the continental U.S. as Black Hawaiians or Hawaiian Black Sheep, importation data currently known does not support
this account of the origins of the all black, horned, shedding sheep.

Originally, the European Mouflon and the new sheep breeds were primarily used for "Trophies" due to the rams' beautiful horns.  As the
popularity of the sheep increased, the focus has become on achieving recognition for these sheep for other markets such as meat, show,
pasture/fenceline clearing, etc., and for simply being unique sheep
deserving of recognition as individual breeds.

These are truly American Breeds - originating in Texas, North Carolina and other states and now located throughout the USA and also in
Canada! The unique breeds truly represent the American Spirit of ingenuity and creativity.

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As with other breeds of sheep and even other animals, Texas Dalls, Black Hawaiians, Desert Sands, Corsicans, American Blackbelly and
Painted Desert Sheep started out as hybrids or composites of 2 or more different breeds - with one parent being the Mouflon Sheep.  Once the
special characteristics of these wonderful sheep became more popular, efforts to get these sheep recognized as a unique and individual breed
were underway by dedicated breeders.

In 1997, a Painted Desert registry was started in Texas in order to promote recognition for the Painted Desert Sheep as being a unique sheep
deserving of more than it‘s humble origins.

In 2005, the Barbados Blackbelly Sheep Association, International, created a class for the American or Texas Blackbelly which has led to an
increase in education and recognition about the breed who was initially generally a Mouflon X Barbados Blackbelly X Ramboulliet sheep.

In 2009 the United Horned Hair Sheep Association, Inc. was formed and incorporated as a member owned and operated,
dedicated to promoting and providing education about the breeds of sheep it represents: Painted Desert, Texas Dall, Black
Hawaiian, Desert Sand, Corsican, and Mouflon.
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References (also consider references on the page about the history of European Mouflon Sheep.

Mungall, E. C. (2007).  Exotic Animal Field Guide. Texas A& M University Press, College Station: 2007.
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Diagram is COPYRIGHT, Sara Qualls 2009
Information written by Sara Qualls
HISTORY of the Painted Desert, Texas Dall, Black Hawaiian, American Blackbelly, Desert Sand, and Corsican Sheep
European Mouflon
A Horned Hair
Wool Breeds
Churro, Jacob,
Rambouilet, Merino
a Polled Hair Sheep
from Barbados
Term used at first to refer to the
emerging new breeds
Painted Desert
A Spotted Sheep
+Horned Rams
+Polled, Horned or
Ewes with Scurs
+Short Tails
Texas Dall
An All White Sheep
+Horned Rams
+Polled, Horned or
Ewes with Scurs
+Short Tails
Desert Sand
A Champagne
+Horned Rams
+Polled, Horned or
Ewes with Scurs
+Short Tails
Black Hawaiian
A Black Sheep
+Horned Rams
+Polled, Horned or
Ewes with Scurs
+Short Tails
A Solid Color or
Brown Variances
with a Black belly
or Brown Variances
and a Light Colored
belly Sheep
+Horned Rams
+Polled, Horned or
Ewes with Scurs
+Short Tails
A Brown to Red
with a Black belly
+Horned Rams
+Polled, Horned, or
Ewes with Scurs
+Long Tails
NOT represented by
Bloodlines with
European Mouflon &
Wool Breeds
Decades have passed since the initial crossings occurred,
leaving us with these wonderful, unique, and individual BREEDS!!
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