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Winter pelts are usually the softest and fullest.
Pelts can be used for wall hangings, crafts, rugs, clothing, and soft
cushions for hard chairs.  You could also take pieces from different colored
pelts and sew together into patterns.

Tanning the hides yourself can be labor intensive but is less expensive
than having professionally tanned; however, the softness professional
taxidermists can achieve may make choosing the more expensive option
worth while.
ALL pictures below were professionally tanned - a choice made by the
owners of the sheep.
YES, it is as soft as it looks!
This ram was white with black spots. Notice how the black
has turned brown with northern cold winter coat and age.

This pelt was brushed and really cleaned to make it as
soft as possible. GORGEOUS!
NOTE how shiny this pelt is!
Stunning in black!
Compliments of a Black Hawaiian Ram
Leather Couch and beautiful Texas Dall Pelt
Nice soft chair now with the Painted Desert Pelt
Painted Desert Pelt
Painted Desert Pelt
Painted Desert Pelt
Painted Desert Pelt
Texas Dall Pelt perfect for piano bench cover!
Texas Dall Pelt