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HORNS of these sheep have an inner core.  
This picture shows the inner core and the
outer horn.  The inner core will usually not be
all the way to the tip of the horn.

As ram's age, blood vessels and sinus
cavities are growing up into the horn as the
horns are growing from the base out.
Here is the inner core removed.
Pictures of outer horn with the inner core removed.
GOLD CLASS RAM (Records of Exotics Scoring System).  
European Mount on a wood base.  Cheyenne Poco's Pay Day,
Cheyenne Farm, Texas
BRONZE CLASS RAM (Records of Exotics Scoring System).
European Mount without wood base.  Moondust Second Chance,
Cheyenne Farm, Texas
Buttons made from Horns
Rafter SB, Ohio
Rafter SB, Ohio
These were just soaked in clorox water
and then dried off.  

To the right are cross-sections toward
the tip of the horns which is solid.  Note
the beautiful colors revealed! Sterling
Silver Jewelry Findings top off this pair
of earrings.

Below are dual purpose hair fasteners or
some people wear them as bracelets.  
No color has been added.

Polishing is done by hand with bees wax.

Rafter SB, New Lebanon , OH

If you have made items from your
sheep's horns, please send pictures and
details for possible inclusion on this page!
Full Shoulder Mount. GJD Rhogan.
Cheyenne Farm, Texas
Click on picture to the LEFT to learn how to
measure and score YOUR ram!

Horns can be used to make decorations, cane handles, musical
instrumets, jewelry and buttons.  Gunpowder horns and
drinking horns can also be made.

Eurpean Mounts and Full Shoulder Mounts are also stunning as
eye-catching decoration and as a way to remember a grand ram!
BRONZE CLASS RAM (Records of Exotics
Scoring System).
European Mount on a wood base.
ALVZ Lucky Charm
owned by Iron Diamond Farm & Ranch
European Mounts without wood base