United Horned Hair Sheep Association, Inc.
After working with an outside registry company, In order to offer timely, professional,
efficient, and more accurate registry services to the members, the Board of Directors
contracted with Sara Qualls and office staff to provide In-house Registry Services.
Starting in 2020, Brenda Savage is serving as Registrar.

The Registrar and assistants are devoted to providing timely, accurate, and
courteous registry services to the members of the United Horned Hair Sheep
Association, Inc.

Please feel free to contact the office
PLEASE NOTE: if your voice mail message has not been returned within 36 hours
please call again as your call is important to us!!!  The office is generally closed on
holidays and some weekends.

Please note, in order to keep accounts accurate, no paperwork is processed until all
information and necessary payment has been received in the office.
Active Members of UHHSA are permitted to use information on their website to help in
ethical and honest promotion and education about the breeds represented.  However,
a link to this website should be provided.

Pictures are copyrighted by owners of the sheep pictured and permission will need to
be sought to use the pictures.