United Horned Hair Sheep Association, Inc., represents Painted Desert Sheep, Corsican Sheep, Texas Dall Sheep, Mouflon Sheep, Multi-Horned Hair Sheep, New Mexico Dall Sheep, Desert Sand Sheep, Black Hawaiian Sheep, and the American Heavy Horned Sheep. We are an incorporated, NON-PROFIT Organization. Our Organization is a member-owned and member-operated organization for the benefit of the breeds we represent, the members, and the public. Keep scrolling for more information about these wonderful and unique hair sheep! Email us at uhhsa@yahoo.com or call with any questions at 281-468-7744. We look forward to assisting you in Breed Promotion, Registration, and networking with other shepherds! We are also on Facebook – be sure to visit and become a fan! Please note, this website is being updated as we transition from one website builder program to another so bear with us. Feel free to explore and we would love to know what you think about the new updates!

Breed Information

Our sheep are considered hair or shedding sheep and come in a variety of colors and patterns with unique backgrounds. The rams (and some ewes) have gorgeous horns as well! Click below to learn more about each of the breeds we represent:

CLICK HERE to view photos of other horned, hair sheep breeds – both live and taxidermy exhibits!

From Maine to California and all parts in between, these sheep are a great choice! Which of the nine breeds will you choose?

Multiple Markets

If you are looking for sheep with the potential for multiple markets, the sheep breeds represented by UHHSA, Inc can meet your goals! Check out more information below:


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